How To Recycle Your Air Conditioner Water

How To Recycle Your Air Conditioner Water

How is the AC water, and can you recycle it? It is a tempting question for a lot of people who want to conserve water and energy. If you are one of them, keep reading as we are going to reveal some surprising facts about air conditioner water in this post.

Before we answer this question, first you must comprehend what the AC water is.

In an air conditioner unit, the water that exits through a drain or tube is known as AC water or condensation water. It happens because of a proper cycle. When the hot air hits the cold coil of an AC unit, the coil squeezes the moisture out of the hot air.

In a way, you can say that the water is actually collected in the internal unit. Due to the coolness of the coil, 4-5 degree, and immense hot air, the water starts to condense on the coil which is later drained out through the drain pipe.

Some people say that the water drips down from their air conditioner as an unwelcome sidewalk surprise. But it happens when the drainage system is faulty or blocked.

If you are seeing water on the floor, and if it is leaking out of the unit, you need to consult a professional technician to check the issue.

Please, remember, leakage in the AC system doesn’t mean you have to replace the entire system. It is a common issue in hot summer days, and it can be fixed rather easily.

The leakage is linked to the continuous running of the air conditioner. It is unable to discharge the condensation fast enough. Or, as we have mentioned earlier, there can be some blockage issue in the draining system.

You can indeed attempt to fix the issue on your own. Just switch the AC unit off and give it enough time to drain the condensation fully. If the leakage persists, call an expert.

How To Recycle Your Air Conditioner Water

How To Recycle Your Air Conditioner Water

Once you have water in a bucket or barrel, you can recycle it where it is needed.

Plant Watering:

Water planting, or irrigation, is one of the most known systems that can count on AC recycled water. You can use it for indoor plants or outdoor garden. It can be done by draining the water directly in the garden or filling a watering can and use it on your desired locations.

The great thing about recycled AC water is it doesn’t contain chlorine or other additives. Both of these things can be present in the drinking water, but for plants, they are not that healthy. Experts believe that chlorine and additives are harmful to plants life.

Fill The Pond:

If you have anything for outdoor entertainment or birdwatching hobbies, such as a pond or a fountain. You will need fresh water to fill them up on a constant basis. People who are interested in building a backyard wetland, they can use this water source too. It can be a blessing.

It can become an inspiring and rewarding project in the long-term. Many people are using this water source for building the wetland and making a good source for fishing, turtles, and reptiles. There can be some new wildlife visitors too, such as pelicans, herons, and red-winged blackbirds.

Don’t want to waste water for cleaning?

Well, use air conditioner water. It is utterly free and can be used for cleaning outdoor or indoor items. For example, there are many people who collect condensed AC water into a large bucket or barrel and use it to wash their vehicles.

Though it takes a few days to collect a large amount of water through an AC unit, vehicles don’t need each day cleaning as well. For indoor use, this fresh water can be used for cleaning windows, furniture, and even floors.

Can You Bath In AC Water?

This is one of the most interesting questions when we talk about air conditioner water.

Well, first, technically speaking, it is kind of like rainwater.

For that reason, taking a bath with it is utterly safe. You only need to make sure you are collecting in a safe manner. In most cases, some contamination can be involved if you aren’t collecting it carefully.

We know there are many people who don’t recommend using AC water for hair, as according to them, it damages the moisture of the hair, makes them white, or result in hair loss.

However, there isn’t any concrete evidence behind it. In reality, many people recommend using it instead of hard water.

Especially, after using natural shampoo, you should use it to rinse your hair. It will make a huge difference and make your hair good.

Some people call AC water the distilled water. But we won’t agree with this notion. As far as we know, the water will not be totally sterile. It will be more like rainwater.

How Much Water Do We Waste?

Believe it or not, our rough calculations show that if you aren’t recycling air conditioner water, you ware wasting around 350 gallons annually.

This is a lot of wasted water and can be used for a million purposes.

You can also create an automatic water collection system through pumps. But you would need professional assistance from a technician and plumber. They can create a complete system right according to your requirement.

For example, if you want to work in a garden, they can construct an entire project in such a way that the water will be distributed equally. This will make you work less in the garden.

Concluding Thoughts

Is it fine to drink the recycled air conditioner water?

No, it is not. Yes, the water that drips from the system can be safe for drinking, we don’t recommend that at all. And, the reason is it exits through a drain.

The draining system can be clogged and accumulate bacteria inside. In fact, in 1976, there was an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease.

This disease was, in reality, produced by the bacteria which was spread in the AC unit at Philadelphia’s Bellevue-Stratford Hotel.

That’s why it is better to avoid it.

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