Noria Home Portable Window Air Conditioner Review

Noria Home Portable Window Air Conditioner Review

This website is dedicated to reviewing smart (and sometimes portable) air conditioners on the market.

In this post today, we are very happy to be finally releasing our Kaspsul W5 portable window air conditioner review which I’ve been asked about in the past thanks to the buzz generated by Noria Home in their Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns.

This will be a quick review analyzing what all the hype about Noria Home  is and if, after all, it’s actually worth the hype.

Well also be comparing it to other window air conditioners on the market and see if Noria is something you need, or if maybe you can get a (better) alternative elsewhere.

Let’s dig a bit deeper and see if Noria Home is something that may be suitable for you if you are looking for a new window air conditioner.

  • Name: Kapsul Air (previously known as Noria Home)
  • Website: kapsulair
  • BTU: 5,000 BTUs
  • Price: TBA
  • Warranty: 1 Year Full Warranty
  • Kapsul Air Lifespan: Approx. 10 years (as described by the company)
  • Final Rating: TBA when product is released

Noria Home Portable Window Air Conditioner Review

What Is kapsul W5?

Noria Home is a (revolutionary) new type of smart, portable and slim window air conditioner.

Thanks to their campaigns on IndieGogo and Kickstarter, the company has managed to create a lot of buzz around Noria’s unique features and also enough cash to solidify the idea and be ready to “ship to market” very soon (more details on this later).

After doing many smart portable air con reviews, I have to say that Noria is definitely a beauty compared to other portable ACs out there but is that all there is to Noria?

Can it really compete with regards to quality and power with the rest of the ACs on the market?

Let’s take a look at what Noria’s features include.

7 Notable Features Of The Noria Home Window AC

noria home review 2

5,000 BTUs:

5,000 BTUs is actually is on the lower end of the spectrum when you compare it to there heavy-duty air cons like the Honeywell Indoor Air Cooler.

This is an understandable “flaw” (although not really a flaw) since it’s more geared towards being slim and portable, than BTU power.

However, 5,000 BTUs is still good enough to cool down a sizeable room so if you’re not looking for a lot of cooling power, the NoriaHome AC is still something you should consider.

Simple Installation:

Noria comes with a small lightweight window frame that will allow you to easily place it on any window you wish.

All it takes to “set up” is a power supply hooked up, locked in the window frame and you are good to go.

Money Saver:

Given out has such a low BTU and also very lightweight machinery, you can safely assume that Noria can also be a huge money saver and run very efficiently.

The website estimates that it will only cost you around $50 to run Noria for the Summer months.

$50 is very low free to pay to stay cool in the summer months.

I too live in warm climates and summer is scorching here. I’d be more than happy to pay $50 to stay cool.

Light Weight:

Although Noria has not yet fully released the exact weight and size of this portable AC, it states on their website that it is approximately 8 pounds lighter than the average window air conditioners on the market.

Smart Controls:

We love Smart Air Cons and we’re very happy to report that Noria will also come up with an app that allows you to control your AC through your smartphone wherever you are.

The app will be available for both iOS and Android.

Fresh Air:

Another great feature of Noria is the “fresh air” feature which instead of cooling, will just divert fresh air from outside into your room.

One thing the Nora doesn’t have however is a heating option!

Easy To Store:

Small, slim and compact, the Noria window AC can be stored pretty much everywhere when not run use.

You can easily place this under the bed or even in an above average sized drawer.

NoriaHome Under Bed

Is Noria Worth The Money?

Yes, it is.

It may be a bit expensive when you consider that it is only 5000 BTUs but from what it will cost you to run (and also the aesthetic beauty of it + the fact you can “hide it” anywhere when not in use), I would say the $499 price tag is justified, although definitely not “cheap”.

Where To Buy Noria Home Air Con?

The Noria Portable window air conditioner is available only on the Noria website.

It’s not yet available but it will be very soon. You can join the Noria newsletter to get updated when the first units are ready to be shipped out.

When Will Noria Be Available?

As stated on the website, the first Noria Home units will start shipping sometimes around Spring 2018 (so very soon).

NoriaHome At Night


Do I Recommend It?


Again; a bit of a steep price tag (you can see how it compares to others here) but at the end of it all, it’s worth the price.

If you can afford it and do not need too much BTUs, then I would defiantly recommend this to you.

Final Rating: 4 /5 stars!

I am going to give Noria a final rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

I think the hype around Noria is justified and for the right person, it can be the right portable window air con.

Closing Words

Thank you for reading my Noria Home portable window air conditioner review.

If you have any questions, be sure to leave me a comment down below or visit the FAQs section on the NoriaHome website.

Thank you. Talk soon.

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  1. You people need to hurry up and get this cute small compact 5000 btu air conditioner on the market so you can have some huge sales , i was hoping it would have been ready for market … and on Amazon for sale … what is the hold up … i wanted one …

  2. Been hearing and reading about the noria air conditioner for a few years now. They keep postponing its availability. Is there a manufacturing problem?

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