LG Portable Air Conditioner & Humidifier Review

LG Portable Air Conditioner & Humidifier Review

Fresh off reviewing Global Air’s Portable air con, today we are doing our LG portable air conditioner (& humidifier) review.

This AC is a treat to behold, and we are so glad that we could bring you this information-packed review as we are sure you are going to love it!

Let’s first look at some product specs:

  • Product Name: LG Portable Air Conditioner & Humidifier
  • Model: LP1414GXR
  • BTU: 14,000
  • Color: Charcoal Black
  • Heating Option: No
  • Remote Available: Yes (see below)
  • Insurance Offered: Yes (see here)
  • Item Dimensions: 16.9 x 13.8 x 32.7
  • Shipping: Free in USA
  • Sold By: Amazon & LG

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LG Portable Air Conditioner & Humidifier Review

The Features

12,000 BTU Air Con:

As we said already, this bad boy measuring just over 16 inches is a beast, and with a 12,000 BTU, there isn’t much you can not do with this kick-ass AC.

400sq ft Coverage:

A 12,000 BTU air con could surely cool down a room bigger than 400sq ft significantly, but that is the listed specs from the user manual.

I am sure not many have 400 square ft rooms you have at your home, but I am just going to say that it’s one of the best portable air cons you can get to cool down medium to large size room.

Looking for something smaller and/or cheaper? See our Global Air portable AC.

An Added Dehumidifier:

As an added bonus, this portable air con also comes with a humidifier.

As clearly stated here, most often you won’t even need to empty the tray as it uses the water to help with the cooling system but in super-humid countries, you can expect to have to empty it every couple of hours.

LED Display Panel & Remote:

Tech is king, and we are now seeing the rise of smart air conditioners taking over.

This black beast comes with a full-fledged LED display and also an LED remote allowing you to switch it on and off to your pleasing.

6 Different Speeds:

This LG portable air conditioner offers you six different cooling settings, these are:

  • 3 different fan speeds (for fan mode) and
  • 3 different cooling speeds.

What more can you expect from a mini portable AC?

Energy Saver Mode:

Want to be green while being cooled down? Don’t worry as it also has energy saving functionality allowing you to freshen your home, without destroying the planet on which it rests.

Is It Effective?

Yes, as you can clearly see from the video below, showing the LG portable air con in action, this little beauty is a beast, and it can cool down any medium to large sized room with ease.

Possible Issues

Unfortunately, not all Amazon customers are happy with their purchase of this AC. Some are reporting that it sometimes leaks water and some even stated that it had issues with its compressor.

I have personally tried and used this air conditioner, and I have not had any issues with it apart from the usual leaks (when it’s super humid and the tray overflows.)

Is It Worth The Price?

If you are looking for power, then yes this is worth the price.

However, 14,000 BTU can be pretty powerful, so if you’re interested in getting something smaller, we suggest something smaller and cheaper.

Should You Get It?

thumbs up

Yes, as we just explained, you need to have a need for such power but if you’re looking to cool down a huge apartment or room, then yes this air con was made for you.

(Some) Customer Review

Above we discussed some reviews from unhappy customers that bought this product, however, the majority of reviews are 4 and 5 stars so the negative comments mentioned above may just be an “unlucky” coincidence.

Robert Johnson, pictured below seems as happy with it as we are and he’s not the only one.

Here’s Robert’s review and feel free to see more customer reviews here.


Where To Buy

This product is being sold by the LG brand themselves through Amazon. The official retail price is $479.99, check Amazon for the latest price on offer.

If you are from the United States, you are also eligible for free shipping, so this comes at no extra cost for you.

This is why we love working with Amazon by the way.

Final Thoughts

Personally, we have nothing bad to say in this LG portable air conditioner review. We have tried it many times and even suggested it to friends who all report being happy with it.

If you are looking for a portable AC, please see our portable air conditioner reviews here or visit Amazon for a selection spanning thousands of different ACs.

We hope you enjoyed this review and we also hope it helped you get a step closer to getting the air conditioner you want, need and deserve.

If you have any questions, be sure to let us know in the comment section below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Honestly, I had no knowledge about air conditioners and had no clue how I would figure out which one is perfect for my home. The guide you have given here seems to be a good one and I’m definitely going to bookmark this page for referring again in future. It was a really helpful post, thanks.

  2. Thanks for this helpful review.

    I am considering this model but was wondering if you could tell me what the noise emission levels are for each of the various speed settings?

    I am a pretty light sleeper and need to find a machine that isn’t too noisy. Is this a quiet model or noisy?


    • Well, it is a machine so some noise should be expected. However, producers are taking extra st4ps to making sure they are as silent as possible.

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