How Often Should You Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced?

How Often Should You Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced?
No matter what kind of air conditioner unit you have. It should be inspected and serviced on a regular basis. The suggested time period in which it should be serviced is 1-year. It is significant to follow it to avoid larger issues.According to experts, the best time to opt for its service is fall for the heating system, and spring for air conditioning.It’s like you have to assess its state at the beginning of each season.It makes it fully operational and efficient in the roughest weather conditions.

Importance of Air Conditioner Service

Yes, we understand, having your AC checked on a regular basis will make it work more efficiently. But there are some latent benefits too which the average person, without technical knowledge, may not know about. For example,

Low Energy Bills…

Do you know keeping your AC unit efficient and clean can lower your energy bills?

Well, it is true. Dirt and corrosion damage its parts and compel them to work harder, which makes it consume more energy.

In other words, a clean and well-organized AC unit cost you less money over time.

Provides Better Health…

An air conditioner plays a significant role when it comes to the environment. Regular service and maintenance eliminate the contaminants from its ducts.

It improves the overall air quality and assists in providing better health as well. Professional technicians and health experts also confirm that dirt is responsible for breeding grounds for mold which spread through the home and cause illness.

Extended Lifespan…

The more it stays dirty or deals with the corrosion, the more its lifespan become lesser. A clean and well-maintained AC means, decades of comfort. Besides, an air conditioner is an expensive appliance.

It is pertinent to take care of it as a common person can’t replace it or its parts over and over again.

In general, a unit which is well cleaned is also less likely to have major problems.

It indeed benefits you in all possible manners.

Can You Do It Yourself?

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This question is asked on a regular basis, and the answer is quite simple. If you have some technical knowledge, you can. But it is always better to hire a professional AC unit technician, particularly if he is from the company.

He perceives all the technical aspects of it and can make it give optimal performance.

However, for a novice, it is a big no-no. Touching its coils, coil fins, compressors, or other components without any knowledge can invite more issues.

The only thing you can do is to keep the ‘Air Filters’ clean. In fact, cleaning air filters once in a month is recommended, because they gather clogs easily.

Cleaning them consistently prevent a drop in energy efficiency and avert any potential issue before it becomes serious.

A professional technician, on the other hand, goes deeper when it comes to AC service and maintenance.

He inspects many different things, such as overheating of the coil due to excessive dirt, the status of the evaporative coil and condenser coil, the fragility of aluminum fins, airflow, overheating of the compressor, and et cetera.

Any small issue in any of these components can have dangerous consequences.

What Happens Without Air Conditioner Service?

This is an immensely interesting question.

The answer is simple too, it won’t work resourcefully and the lifespan will be reduced too. But there are some aspects which demand attention.

If you won’t clean air conditioner or opt for maintenance on a regular basis, the dirt will start to build up and deposit in the filters. This affects the cooling and makes the unit work harder.

But the main thing is the energy is consumed on a higher level. You deal with high energy bills. They become more costly than hiring a professional technician.

We know the dirt circulates in the room, and unfortunately, it isn’t noticeable. But health experts believe that it causes skin issues like Eczema.

If you are dealing with any skin issue, and on a constant basis, there is a high chance it is due to the air conditioner, especially if it is not cleaned.

In addition, apart from Eczema, a dirty AC unit can also create trouble for asthma patients. Therefore, it is pertinent to service it regularly.

Do you know, in an AC unit, the parts like fan and coil require proper lubrication?

When you call a technician, he often lubricates important parts to make them keep functioning as they should. Proper lubrication also avoids corrosion and make them move capably.

The parts stay intact and you don’t have to replace them, again and again.

It can start making weird noises.

This is something which almost all of us have encountered in our lives. This happens because of many reasons, like lack of refrigerant, a leak in the coolant system, issue in the air filters, and etc.

For that reason, keeping the unit fully operational and service should be a top priority to avoid expenses.

An underperforming AC without maintenance service invite all these issues.

Some of these issues look small and most people indeed wait until their air conditioner starts blowing warm air to contact a trained technician.

This is dangerous!

Even if your air conditioner is working well, it should be inspected at least once in a year. It drastically reduces the chances of breakdown and prolongs the lifespan of its equipment.

What’s the Cost of Air Conditioner Unit Service?

How Often Should You Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced?

It depends. The low-priced maintenance inspection can cost around $60.

However, if you want thorough maintenance from a skilled technician, expect to pay around $100, at least. This is still better than replacing the parts or investing in a new unit.

Concluding Thoughts

Before hiring the technician, make sure what’s included in the AC unit service. Since some technicians and companies offer different packages.

It is pertinent to know how many things they are covering and they have the ability to resolve issues before they become worse.

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