Global Air Portable Air Conditioner Review

Global Air Portable Air Conditioner Review

In today’s review, we are taking a closer look at the Global Air portable air conditioner and cooling fan.

We’ve seen a lot of these portable ACs come and go, but few have had a continuous run of positive reviews such as this one.

If you’re in the market for getting a new portable air conditioner, whether that maybe for your home, your office or a specific room, then we would like to invite you to see our review below as we think we may just have found your answer.

Let’s look at this review and find out if this portable AC is something that would be a good fit for you or not.

Product Specs:

Product Name: Global Air Portable Air Conditioner (& Cooling Fan)
BTU: 10,000 BTU
Color: White / Off White
Heating Available: No
Remote Available: Yes

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Global Air Portable Air Conditioner Review

The Features

Digital control with precise temperature adjustments:

This AC comes with a digitalised system allowing you to set the temperature of your room to the perfect number you like.

It’s not like other portable ACs where they just blow cold air without the ability to gauge and modify the temperature coming out.

Self-evaporative system:

One pesky thing about ACs is the leak of water they often have leaving you to collect the condensation water and reuse it (or throw it away.)

With this AC, this is not a problem as it actually reuses the water for a better cooling system.

(Please note that in some humid countries, it might not be able to completely reuse the water thus leaving you with the original problem once again).

Air blows upwards:

This AC is designed to blow cool air upwards inside the room, thus making sure you are getting an even balance of cooler temperature spread across the room cooling it down evenly.

Remote system:

Yes, the Global Air portable AC comes with its own remote so you can easily switch it on and off with ease whenever the need arises.

How Effective Is It?

This portable air conditioner should be able to cool a 300 square foot apartment with ease.

I am genuinely surprised with the effectiveness of it and the power it can have when you think how compact it actually is.

User Manual: You can find the Global Air Portable Air Conditionaire User Manual here.

Possible Issues

Some customer reviews report it being too noisy for their liking, which is understandable but “too noisy’ is very subjective and what may be considered “noisy” by one person, can be totally not a problem for the other.

What are your thoughts?

Is It Worth The Price?

It’s safe to say that this AC, is great value for money and a sound investment in your personal comfort.

You might be better off getting a non-portable air conditioner, but the purpose of such ACs is the ease-of-carry and use allowing you to quickly shift the AC wherever you want and cool any room in your home.

thumbs up

Should You Get It?

We’d leave that up to you, but we’d advise you to first see some customer reviews along with many other product specs on Amazon.

(Some) Customer Reviews

Below you will find some screenshot of customer reviews; this should give you a pretty clear idea of what to expect from the Global Air portable AC.

Where To Buy

The best price we found online is Amazon.

Click our link below to check the latest price.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this review and we hope you found our first review of the Global Air Portable Air Conditioner enough for you to be able to make an educated and calculated decision.

If you have any questions, be sure to let us know, and we’ll do our best to answer any question in the quickest time possible.


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  1. I love these portable air conditioners today. I would much rather have one as opposed to window air conditioners.
    I really like the feature of reusing the water and not having it possibility to leak all over the floor.
    The price is very reasonable and it definitely is right for cooling the area I need which happens to be around 275 square feet. Thanks your the review!

  2. Hello there! It is summer here in Los Angeles and it is pretty hot here. We’ve been reaching 90 degrees Fahrenheit to a 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It is so hot and I’m planning to get a portable air conditioner. I found your article about this Global Air Portable Air Conditioner. I searched some air conditioner in stores an 10,000 btu price around $350. I found out on your article that this global air portable air conditioner only cost $250 and this is very affordable. But I have a question how do you think this global air compare to LG?

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