DeLonghi America PACAN120EW Review

DeLonghi America PACAN120EW Review

In our review today, we will be looking at the DeLonghi America PACAN120, a 12,000 BTU portable air conditioner we feel you should know about if you are looking for a high-powered air con.

First, we’ll go through some of the specs of the product, then we will list down all the features and also some flaws that customers have reported when using it.

In closing, we would also list you some of the places where you can buy the DeLonghi America portable AC hoping we can find you the best possible price for this badass looking air con.


Let’s start with the specs:

Product Specs:

Product Name: DeLonghi America Portable AC
Model: PACAN120EW
BTU: 12,000
Color: White
Heating Option: No
Remote Available: Yes
Insurance Offered: Yes
Item Dimensions: 17.8 x 15.5 x 29.5 inches
Shipping: Free in the USA
Sold By: Amazon & DeLonghi

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DeLonghi America PACAN120EW Review

DeLonghi Air Con Features:

12,000 BTU:

12000BTU is a tremendous power for an AC of this size, as the product specs suggest, you can quickly cool down efficiently a room (or an entire apartment) of around 450 sq feet.

Whisper Cool Mode:

One of the biggest issues of ACs, and portable ACs in general, is the noise they make thus causing a distraction (although still minimal) while they are working.

The product listing on Amazon shows that this DeLonghi America PACAN120EW model should have a “whisper cool” mode where you can set it to create minimal noise.

Companies that produce such products often try to make this as a stand-alone selling point knowing well enough that people are looking for such items.

This one promises to be a solution, but as we will see from some customer reviews below, this AC fails to deliver here (more on this later).

3 In 1 Portable AC:

This air con is not just a simple cooling device. It is also a dehumidifier (many portable ACs are coming with this feature now), and it can also be used as a fan when you do not want the whole cooling effect.

Easy Installation:

The best thing about portable air conditioners is the fact that you do not need to hire people to install it for you.

Just as a simple humidifier would work, you just need to set it once, plug it in and watch it do its job. All it takes to install and set up is 5 minutes of your time, and you are ready to go.

Timer, Electronic Controls & Remote:

A feature this AC also boasts is a digital timer, where you can set it to switch on and off at a particular time.

It also comes with full electric control and also a remote allowing you to use it as you please, from where you please.

DeLonghi America PACAN120EW Remote Control

How Effective Is It?

From the customer reviews we found on Amazon, this product can easily cool down a 450 sq feet apartment. However, to be on the safe side, let’s say it’s 300 sq feet.

300 sq feet is more than enough to freshen up any medium-sized room with ease and possibly even a complete apartment.

Possible Issues

Although this AC is one of the highest rated models DeLonghi are offering, some customers report having issues with this AC.

2 of the most commonly talked about upsets are the size of the hose (which apparently is an eye sore) and also the noise, which some claim is not what they expected to have since the “Whisper Cool” mode is one of the most advertised features.

If you’d like an AC without a hose pipe, please see our Global Air review.

DeLonghi America PACAN120EW Hose Pipe

Positive Reviews

Of course, the majority of customer reviews are all positive, and some even report having no issues whatsoever with this AC.

To read more reviews (both the good and the ugly) please see the official product listing here.

Is It Worth The Price?

DeLonghi do seem to be in the upper end of the scale when it comes to their pricing so we would highly recommend looking around before settling on buying a new portable AC.

There’s obviously many to choose from, and this is not a decision that you should make as an impulse-buy.

While we do recommend this model, we also suggest you take some time reading some more of our portable air conditioner reviews and see which one best suits your needs.

Where To Buy

The lowest price we found is (as usual) Amazon. Click our link below to check the latest price.

This price also includes free shipping if you are located in the United States.

You can also get insurance for this AC directly from Amazon. Last time I checked, you can have the 3-year protection plan for $51.55 or a 2-year protection plan for $28.66.

Please see this page for full details on buying protection from Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading our DeLonghi America PACAN120EW review.

There’s a lot to say about this product, but we hope this review has helped you make an informed decision on whether you should buy it or not.

As always, we recommend you leave us a comment down below if you have any questions as we would like to assist you in finding the right product for your home.

Talk soon.


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  1. Great review! I am looking for an ac unit that I can use in my office and think this may be perfect.
    I really like the “whisper cool” mode because I am on the phone a lot and don’t want back ground noise.

    What do you mean by some claim it is not what they expected? Is it louder than expected or more quite?

    • Hi Brenda. Thanks for stopping by.

      Yes, some people have claimed it is much louder than they thought. The issue with that is some perceive ‘a lot” different than others and what might be noisy for one, may not be noisy for another.

      It still is a machine that is generating cold air so some noise is to be expected, they can never be fully silent. it’s just some are quieter than the others. 

  2. I had one of these. I rented a house for a year and it had no air conditioning. Well it got rather hot, over 90 degrees in the house, and I had to purchase one of these. It worked great! I kept cool and the entire house stayed at a more healthy temperature. I now have purchased a house that, because the inspector didn’t catch, does not have adequate air conditioning. Until I can pay to have everything redone, I am looking at getting another one of these. So glad that I ran across this post!

    • You are very welcome. I am glad you found the DeLonghi portable air con sufficient and satisfactory.

      Thanks for your kind comment.

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