How Long Do Window Air Conditioner Last?

How long do window air conditioners last?

This is one of the most common questions that revolve around the mind of consumers as they want to perceive when the AC unit finally breaks down or require costly replacement before investing their money on it.

Yes, window air conditioners have a lifespan. However, it depends on lots of factors. For example, from age and brand to the frequency of use and maintenance, all matters.

In general, if you are investing in a good air conditioner, it should last 10-15 years.

You shouldn’t invest in a unit which requires maintenance on a regular basis and can’t last about a decade. Since it is a big expense and replacing it, again and again, can compel you to waste a lot of money.

Furthermore, the unexpected repair costs and the energy bills each month can also challenge your pockets and make the situation worse.

If you are still pondering these kinds of questions and want specific answers regarding the longevity of an air conditioner, pull your socks up and keep on reading.

How Long Do Window Air Conditioner Last? (The Lifespan)

How Long Do Window Air Conditioner Last?

As we have mentioned, the overall lifespan shouldn’t be lesser than 10-15 years. Of course, it is immensely tough to have a guarantee about the lifespan of an AC unit but usually, the reviewers can help in perceiving the performance of your desired product.

You can investigate the warranty of an AC unit on the product page, particularly if you are planning to buy it online.

Most companies reveal their warranty policies to lure customers. If there is a 5-year warranty on the parts, it means it can last a decade with mild to moderate use.

Bear in mind it is imperative to focus on the warranty of AC parts, as they are often expensive. In case it is not mentioned on the product page, it is better to contact the customer support team and ask questions about replacing the entire air conditioner and parts as well.

It is wise to consider this aspect if you want to avoid expenditures in the long run.

How Often Should You Service Your Window Air Conditioner?

Proper maintenance can also extend the life of a window air conditioner unit.

In order to make your AC last for 20-25 years, ensure that a licensed professional is performing annual AC maintenance.

A licensed professional, especially if he is from a reputable company, assesses many things that can compel your system to fail or reduce its longevity.

He checks how efficiently the coil is performing, what the act of humidity extraction is, whether all the parts working according to the usual operational standards, and what the status of the heat exchanger is.

These are a few important things which a common person can neglect.

Avoiding simple and yearly tune-ups, which are inexpensive, and regular maintenance can make your air conditioner work harder and won’t allow it to work with efficacy.

Other than that, a dirty unit not only prevents the air flow but also reduces the capability of the evaporative coil to absorb heat. If these coils aren’t maintained regularly, they collect dirt over time and don’t let your air conditioner unit run well.

So, if you want to prolong the life of your unit and wish it to give more efficient operation, stay in touch with a licensed professional for economical tune-ups and availing warranty.

Where Should You Place Your AC (For Maximum Care)?

Where Should You Place Your AC (For Maximum Care)?

Location in which your air conditioner is installed is also important.

There are so many factors that should be taken into account. If you won’t ponder about them, your AC won’t work powerfully and invite lots of issues too.

Before installing your AC unit, you must consider about ceiling height, number of doors and windows in your room, and the user traffic. All these issues matter and effect the performance. In fact, if your room consistently receives the amount of sunlight, it can also make the AC unit work hard to keep your room cool.

Other than that, what’s the shape of your room?

Ensure that the location can assist it in directing and cycling air throughout the room. This keeps the temperature steady and doesn’t let the unit put extra pressure on its equipment.

We comprehend that some companies attempt to sell this unit by explaining that they have a user-friendly installation process, but it is better to consult a professional as he canvases all the highs and lows of your desired location and give you some good suggestions also to keep it in top-notch condition.

Proper Storage

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The weather has changed. And, if you are not planning to store your window air conditioner properly, you are risking your investment.

It is pertinent to know regarding its ability to endure different climates. Usually, you will find all the instruction about its proper storage in the manufacturer’s instruction.

The company tells you everything concerning certain measurements which should be taken to protect it even in the roughest weathers and increase the lifespan of it too.

According to most professional technicians and AC company’s developers, it is good to remove the unit if it is not in use.

Especially, during the winter, it becomes necessary.

You have to prevent the moisture from getting into the unit. Moisture blocks the airflow in the AC and invites corrosion. This also limits the service life of the unit.

The first thing you should do is to store it in a dry location. Second, cover it well to prevent moisture and dust. You can use durable plastic for it as it is the best when it comes to keeping the unit dry. Wrap it well all around your AC unit and seal it with tapes.

Concluding Thoughts

Should you replace the AC unit after 10-15 years?

Well, yes. You should!

It is indeed better to replace it even if it seems to be working just fine. The upside of this strategy is you can sell it comfortably and get a new AC which would be more efficient, innovative, and packed with a million features.

After 10-years of use, almost all window air conditioners deal with complex issues. Investing in small components can give temporary relief but won’t resolve the key issues forever.

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