Can Air Conditioners Cause Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

These days, one of the greatest indoor dangers is monoxide poisoning. It happens due to heating and air conditioning. Even the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns about this issue.

They state that an AC unit can contribute to decreasing indoor air quality and invite lots of ailments.

Yes, air conditioners can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

When it comes to air conditioners, carbon monoxide poisoning is always the burning question. People want to protect their families and prevent illnesses.

It is because we all know most HVAC systems use fossil fuels as the source of energy. This specific energy source in an air conditioning unit emits carbon monoxide, which is quite deadly and cause many health issues.

Normally, almost all fuel-burning appliances produce some level of carbon monoxide, but the dangerous thing about the air conditioner is it is installed in a different manner.

Particularly, the conventional models are indoor units. There isn’t any way for the gas to emit. For that reason, even a small leak can be life-threatening to your family.

How Carbon Monoxide Affects Your Body

Can Air Conditioners Cause Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Inhaling combustion fumes is deadly.

When the carbon monoxide is trapped inside the room, it builds up in your bloodstream. It happens as there isn’t enough oxygen in the environment.

Your body replaces the oxygen with carbon monoxide on its own, naturally, and when it accumulates it to dangerous levels, this gas, apart from inviting health-related issues, damages the tissues and cause death.

The dangerous thing about this gas is you can’t detect its leakage easily. It is tasteless and odorless. That’s why, improperly ventilated appliances, like air conditioners, require immense attention.

They are specially installed in a tightly sealed or enclosed space. A single mistake can accumulate this gas to risky scale and lead to serious health issues.

How To Detect Carbon Monoxide In A Room?

There are a few ways to detect it inside the room.

First, look for some special signs and symptoms related to health.

For example, if you or your loved ones are dealing with constant headaches, shortness of breath, blurred vision, weakness, vomiting, confusion, or anything unexpected, there is a high chance the cause is carbon monoxide in the room.

Especially old and conventional air conditioners can be the actual reason behind these issues due to the age and wear and tear of the system because of corrosion.

You shouldn’t take these symptoms lights. They can become chronic or slowly progress into more serious illnesses.

The second option you have is to get a ‘Carbon Monoxide Detector’. They are trendy and families with children are buying these devices to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. This device detects the presence of the gas in the room and alerts you immediately.

You can acquire these detectors online and place them in the room. As they are exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide, the chemical reaction produces current to trigger the alarm. You will be notified at once.

Besides, the best thing is these detectors are economical and most of them meet UL standards too. You can buy them for each room to keep your family safe.

In case you are interested in buying a detector, there are some rules you must keep in mind. For example, it shouldn’t be in close proximity to a fuel-burning appliance.

This will compel it to give the alert signal over and over again. Similarly, avoid placing in direct sunlight or excessive humid area, as these both conditions affect its performance.

When To See A Doctor?

carbon monoxide symptoms

As you now already know, the warning signs can be subtle.

Since the symptoms can be the sign of other illness also. If you think carbon monoxide is affecting you in any way, the first thing you should do is to get into fresh air. If it makes you feel better, it means your body is struggling with carbon monoxide.

Similarly, if spending some time in the room makes you feel awkward, you need emergency medical care, before the issue becomes life-threatening.

In the emergency room, the doctor can take a few steps to comprehend and control the situation. He can first order a blood sample to assess the quantity of gas in your bloodstream. Next, he can give respirator so that you can breathe in pure oxygen.

This will facilitate in reducing the amount of carbon monoxide also and make your organs and tissues heal faster. In extreme cases, ventilators can be issued. A patient can deal with it until he is able to improve and breathe on his own.

Apart from this, we have seen the use of ‘Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy‘.

This therapy is used to remove the carbon monoxide out of your body. However, it is used in rare cases when a severe amount of gas is present in the bloodstream.

How To Prevent A Leak?

Don’t wanna deal with all these life-threatening issues?

The only option you have is to prevent the leak. You can do that by scheduling regular technician maintenance services. He makes sure there are no leaks in the system and there are no molds and mites too that cause the leakage.

One more thing that you should keep in mind before buying a new air conditioner is the leading cause of CO poisoning is improper installation of an AC unit. That’s why companies recommend hiring a professional and registered technician.

In case you have already dealt with the carbon monoxide in your home, apart from fixing the air conditioner, try to locate and assess other sources as well, such as chimneys and vents. Ensure that they aren’t covered by tarps and debris.

Concluding Thoughts

When it comes to the air conditioner, it is significant to buy the best for the health and safety of your family. Also, make sure it is regularly maintained and improves air quality.

Cheap systems will definitely give you marginal financial savings, but it would be temporary.

It will lose its efficiency, sooner than expectations, and harm your family’s health too.

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