3 Incredibly Smart Wi-Fi Air Conditioners

We all relish the use of our air conditioners in rough weathers. But is it possible to control it with our wireless network? Well, yes it is. It is the 21st century, and it is all about convenience when it comes to home appliances.

Today, we have ‘Smart Wi-Fi Air Conditioner’.

It is an innovative, recent technology that allows us to operate it using our smartphone. All the functions will be available and you can use them with a single click.

Why Do I Need A Smart Wi-Fi Air Conditioner?

Most consumers ponder this question before finalizing their decision, as they have a perception that old AC units are more durable, even if they are leaky.

They believe that this new invention ‘Smart Wi-Fi’ can lower the overall AC performance or cause lots of power consumption.

However, this isn’t true at all.

A smart Wi-Fi air conditioner has a million benefits. It is a new class of home appliance that has the upgraded features of the previous models and cutting-edge technology for added comfort. Once you install it in home or office, you relish ideal conditions all the time.

  • You control the temperature from outside the home.
  • It is possible to connect this AC unit with other smart home systems.
  • It saves money on your home cooling bill.
  • If you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can control it even from another city.
  • It is rather easy to install them.
  • They have the ability to cool even large rooms and offices.

Below is our extensive guide that will help you pick the best smart Wi-Fi air conditioner. All you need is to have a Wi-Fi network in your home to manage them.

Kenmore Smart 04277087 Room Air Conditioner

Kenmore Smart 04277087 Room Air Conditioner

This unit is solid!

Kenmore is a trusted company. People from all walks of life invest in their products as they comprehend their ACs give great cooling and work for years without any trouble.

The first thing which lures most customers is a clever design. It is a compact unit but it presents 8,000 BTUs. This is more than enough to cool a master bedroom or office.

Though the Kenmore Smart manufacturers recommend this product for 300-500 square feet room.

Apart from having smart features, the best thing about this unit is it is available with different cooling powers.

For example, you can opt for 10,000 BTUs, 12,000 BTUs, and even 24,500 BTUs. It appears that the developers of this company attempted their best to fulfill the demands of all customers. And, they’re successful in it.

They have over 100 million customers worldwide.

Product Highlights

  • The ‘Smart AC App’ connects this unit with your smartphone.
  • Multiple family members can install the app to control this unit.
  • However, you can make sure only you operate the AC.
  • It acts as a dehumidifier too and removes excess moisture from the air.
  • Remote control comes in the package too.

Frigidaire 12,000 BTU Smart Air Conditioner

Frigidaire 12,000 BTU Smart Air Conditioner

If we say this is the best portable smart AC on the market, it will be 100% true.

It is a powerful unit that cools your home (up to 550 sq. ft.). Unlike other conventional units, you don’t need to install it anywhere. Just place it in the middle of any room and start relishing a cool atmosphere within a few minutes.

You don’t need to install it either, but developers of Frigidaire ensure you have your utter comfort. For that reason, they give low profile window kit with the package as well. The kit is in grey color and can blend into any contemporary room greatly.

Most smart units are one face units, but this isn’t the case with Frigidaire Cool Connect.

It has 360o air flow which circulates the air everywhere.

You feel its effect in every corner of your room. Therefore, people usually try to place it in the middle of the room to relish its effects.

Product Highlights

  • It has a ‘Frigidaire Smart App’ for mobile operation.
  • The company gives a 1-year full warranty.
  • It also has an auto cool function that saves energy.
  • The 360o airflow system circulates air everywhere.
  • There is sleeping mode too for cooling flexibility.

LG Energy Star Air Conditioner 8,000 BTU

LG Energy Star Air Conditioner 8,000 BTU

It is a good, small, light AC unit.

It is small, but it has a very strong cooling capacity. Usually, AC units with this strength are noisy. Surprisingly, this is a lot quieter than its competitors.

In fact, many customers state that it is quieter than the supposed whisper. You can relax or keep your babies relaxed and make them sleep rather comfortably.

It has an ‘LG SmartthinQ App’ which is compatible with both iOS and Android.

You can use this app to control this unit in any way you want. In addition, it also has a 4-way air deflection system, almost like a 360o, but it also has 3 cooling speeds and 3 fan speeds. You can set them according to your room space and requirement.

Apart from this, you also have the auto-restart system in it.

In case there is a power outage issue, this will unit will restart on its own when power returns. You don’t have to disturb your sleep to turn it on again.

Product Highlights

  • It cools a room up to 340 square feet.
  • It has an ‘LG SmartthinQ App’ that allows you to control the temperature.
  • There is the auto-restart feature that turns it on again once the power returns.
  • It has different cooling speeds for your comfort.
  • It also has a 12.1 energy efficiency ratio (EER).

Concluding Thoughts

Buying a smart, Wi-Fi air conditioner is great.

However, make sure the app is compatible with your smartphone. If the app can’t operate on your smartphone, it is good for nothing.

Furthermore, bear in mind that smart/Wi-Fi ability isn’t the only feature you should look for. The cooling power and the area coverage matters too. It should have the ability to cool the living space you are going to use it in.

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