Portacool Cyclone 3000 Review: The Portable Evaporative Cooler

In this review, we’ll shed light on the Portacool Cyclone 3000 a portable evaporative cooler which can be considered a substitute of a portable air conditioner. It can also perform very similar functions without the high energy bill of a traditional portable AC.

Portacool has become a well-recognized brand in industrial cooling space and the company is a market leader in cooling and air conditioning markets.

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Portacool Cyclone 3000  Product Specs:

  • Product Name:  Portacool Cyclone 3000 Portable Evaporative Cooler.
  • Model: PAC2KCYC01
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Color: Black
  • Heating Available: No
  • Insurance Offered: No
  • Item Dimensions: 38 x 30 x 29 inches
  • Item Weight: 108 pounds
  • Shipping: Shipping costs may apply
  • Sold by: Amazon.com
  • Remote Available: No
  • Amazon Price:  (see here).

Portacool Cyclone 3000 Review

The Features

Effective for large rooms:

This unit can cool large rooms of up to 700 square feet and works best for rooms within 500-700 square feet range.

Cools up to 30 Fahrenheit:

You can use Portacool Cyclone 3000 to cool your home or office up to 30 Fahrenheit under ideal conditions.

Made up of Rust Free Material:

Portacool Cyclone 3000 is made up of durable one-piece, rust-free, leak-proof molded polyethylene housing which, unlike metal or other plastics is suitable for use in any type of environment.

How Effective Is It?

Past buyers have rated the performance of Portacool Cyclone 3000 Portable Evaporative Cooler as excellent, although some users have rated its effective range to be a bit lower than the 700 square feet claimed by the company.

Nonetheless, most users have cited is as one of the best air coolers in the market for cooling an area of around 500-600 square feet.

Possible Issues with This Cooler?

In terms of performance, users haven’t reported any major issue.

Although, some have suggested that company should have used a stronger material for the body as the molded polyethylene used is not considered a suitable substitute for a metallic body.

Is It Worth the Price?

This is perhaps a tricky question to answer.

For this price you can certainly buy a portable AC, but if you want to save on your energy bill which can riser manifold if you use a portable AC, then the Portacool Cyclone 3000 portable evaporative cooler is certainly well worth the price.

You’ll have to shell out a bit more now, but will save much larger sums in future on energy bills.

Portacool PAC2KCYC01 Cyclone 3000

Should You Get It?

This is your decision to take as only you can make an informed buying decision.

So, read this review carefully and gather more facts before deciding. Reading customer reviews of past buyers is a good place to start.

Where to Buy The Portacool Cyclone 3000

You can buy this at Amazon.

Final Thoughts

This is one of the best portable evaporative coolers we’ve come across and Portacool is known for its high-quality HVAC units which also includes air conditioners, coolers, ventilation systems etc.

We’d highly recommend this cooler to our readers.

Thank you for reading our Portacool Cyclone 3000 review. Feel free to ask any questions which you might have in the comments section below.


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  1. I’m intrigued with the product you reviewed. Do you know if there is a comparison of the power consumption of this unit versus a similar-capable window unit? It would be interesting to see how long it would take the reduction in power consumption to off-set the cost increase. The portability of this unit has to be a big plus. And as for molded polyethylene not being a suitable substitute for a metallic body, I would think corrosion resistance and weight reduction would be pluses. I can see this being a popular item.

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